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Regular Faculty

Chrisoula Andreou - Professor

Margaret Battin - Distinguished Professor

Erin Beeghly - Assistant Professor

Stephen Downes - Professor

Melinda Fagan - Associate Professor and Sterling McMurrin Chair of Philosophy

Leslie Francis - Distinguished Professor

Matthew Haber- Associate Professor, Department Chair

Patricia Hanna - Professor

Eric Hutton - Associate Professor

Elijah Millgram - Professor of Philosophy & E.E. Ericksen Professor of Philosophy

Lex Newman - Associate Professor

Anne Peterson - Assistant Professor

Carlos Santana - Assistant Professor

Jonah Schupbach - Assistant Professor

Cynthia Stark - Associate Professor

Dustin Stokes - Associate Professor

James Tabery - Associate Professor

Mariam Thalos - Professor

Auxiliary Faculty

Edward Barbanell - Associate Professor (Lecturer)

Edison Barrios - Assistant Professor (Lecturer)

Benjamin Crowe - Assistant Professor (Lecturer)

Landon McBrayer - Assistant Professor (Lecturer)


Faculty Emeriti

Mendel Cohen

Bernard Harrison

Paul Haanstad

Yukio Kachi

Bruce Landesman

Clifton McIntosh

Bangs Tapscott

Peter Y. Windt

Nicholas White

In Fond Memory





Last Updated: 3/24/17