Department of Philosophy Annual Conference Series

Research Reproducibility in Science

The Department of Philosophy is offering a 5-day summer course on Research Reproducibility in Science as part of the University of Utah’s campus-wide initiative on Research Reproducibility. The course is aimed at undergrads, grads, postdocs, and other scholars working in the natural and social sciences, as well as those working in the philosophy of science and related fields. The course will provide an in-depth exploration of conceptual and practical issues surrounding research reproducibility in the sciences, and will teach students practical strategies for making their own work more reproducible.

POBAM Philosophy of Biology at the Mountains

The Department of Philosophy is hosting a 5-day seminar in conjunction with the Philosophy of Biology at the Mountains (POBAM) Workshop. The seminar is designed for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and other junior scholars in philosophy and biology. The seminar will include background readings and discussion on topics relevant to the workshop talks, and will provide an opportunity for students to engage in depth with the topics and speakers at the workshop.


Past Conferences

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