Student Placement 

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We congratulate the following graduate students on their recent appointments &/or placements:


  • Brandon Bowen, MS 2015, Pursuing a PhD at the University of Utah
  • Landon McBrayer, PhD 2015, Associate Instructor at the University of Utah



  • Kimberly Johnston, MS 2014, Pursuing a PhD at UCLA
  • Landon McBrayer, MS 2014, Pursuing a PhD at the University of Utah


  • Stephen Capone, MS 2013, Teaching intern at Challenger School in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Thomas Hernstein,  PhD 2013, Central Arkansas Community College
  • Charles Hudgins, PhD 2013
  • David Jackson, PhD 2013
  • Jason Christopher Jenson, PhD 2013, Adjunct faculty at Utah Valley University
  • John Kippen, MA 2013, Pursuing a M. Ed. from Utah State University, and English teacher at Summit Academy High School
  • Yang Liu, MA 2013
  • Keisha Ray, PhD 2013, Lecturer at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas and adjunct faculty at San Antonio College
  • Stephanie Shiver, MS 2013, Undergraduate Studies, Academic Advising Coordinator at the University of Utah
  • Jennifer Warriner, PhD 2013


  • Russell Askren, PhD 2012, Associate Instructor, University of Utah College of Engineering
  • Matthew Mosdell, PhD, Visiting Instructor, Florida International University
  • Margaret Bowman, PhD 2012, Postdoctoral Fellow in Normative Theory, Center of Ethics, University of Toronto


  • Matthew Barney, MS 2011
  • Monika Piotrowska, PhD 2011, Assistant Professor, Florida International University
  • Dale Clark, PhD 2011, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Curt Garner, MS 2011, Policy and Grievances Utah Department of Corrections
  • Michael Hermon, PhD 2011
  • Shane Smith, MS 2011, Adjunct faculty at Utah Valley University
  • Conor Walline, MS 2011, Attending Pace Law School in White Plains, NY
  • Jeffrey Wood, MS 2011, Adjunct faculty at Salt Lake Community College

Previous Degrees

  • Nate Rockwood, MS 2008. Pursuing PhD in Philosophy, at University of California at San Diego
  • Luke Glowacki, MS 2008. Pursuing PhD in Anthropology, at Harvard University
  • Ian Smith, PhD 2007. Assistant Professor, Washburn University (tenure-track)
  • Pepe Chang, PhD 2007. Assistant Professor, Deptartment of  Management, University of Texas at San Antonio (tenure-track)
  • Diana Buccafurni, PhD 2007. Lecturer. San Houston State University (tenure-track)
  • Justen M. Olsen, PhD 2007. Adjunct Professor. Utah Valley University
  • Jan VanRiper, PhD 2006. Assistant Professor. Division of Medical Humanities. East Carolina University
  • Phyllis Vandenberg, PhD 2005.  Grand Valley State University (Michigan) (tenure-track)
  • Aaron Holland, PhD 2005.
  • Susan Downs, MS 2005.
  • Anna Vaughn, MA 2005. Pursuing PhD student in our program, University of Utah.
  • Britta Berkey, MA 2005.
  • Joe Klein, PhD 2004. 
  • Shimpei Higuchi, MA 2004.
  • Austin Booth, MS 2004. Pursuing PhD. in Philosophy at Harvard
  • Shannon Atkinson, MA 2004, Adjunct Faculty at Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College. 2013 NISOD Award Recipient
  • David Guevara, PhD 2003. Attorney at Taft, Stettinius, & Hollister LLP
  • James Sage, PhD 2003. Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
  • Mark Phelan, MS 2003. Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lawrence University
  • Ryan Spellecy, PhD 2002. Associate Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin (tenure-track)
  • Jason Goltz, PhD 2002. Assistant Professor, Westminster College.
  • Matthew Katz, MA 2002. Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Central Michigan University