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Bias in Context

Psychological and Structural Explanations of Injustice 

Thursday, October 26 - Friday, October 27
Conference Venue - LNCO 2110
Gould Auditorium - Marriott Library


Asta (Sveinsdottir)
(Philosophy, San Francisco State University)
"Social Construction & Stereotyping"

Glenn Bracey
(Sociology, Villanova University)
"Race Tests and the Impossibility oflntegration: Racial Boundary Maintenance in the White Evangelical Church"

Bryan Chambliss & Theresa Lopez 
(Philosophy, University of Arizona & Philosophy, University of Maryland)
"Social Structures and Individual Wrongdoing: The Need for an Integrative Account of Social Injustice"

Adam Hosein
(Philosophy,  Northeastern)
"Can Individualistic and Structural Approaches to Discrimination Be Reconciled?"

Jacqueline Chen
(Psychology, University of Utah)
"Individual Differences in Prejudice"

Clifton Granby
(Divinity School, Yale)
"(Racially) Resilient Injustice and the Challenge of Virtuous Formation"

Meena Krishnamurthy
(Philosophy, University of Michigan)
"White Ignorance"

Kate Manne
(Philosophy, Cornell University)
"The Logic of Misogyny"

Jennifer Mueller
(Sociology, Skidmore College)
"Building a Critical Race Theory of lgnorance: From Theory to Empiricism and Back Again"


Poster Presenters

Saray Ayala-Lopez
(Philosophy, CSU Sacramento)

Rima Basu
(Philosophy, USC)

Cesar Cabezas
(Philosophy, Columbia University)

Gabbrielle Johnson
(Philosophy, UCLA)

Annette Martin
(Philosophy, NYU)

Katherine Tullmann
(Philosophy, Grand Valley State University)

Nadya Vasilyeva
(Psychology, UC Berkeley)

Jennifer White & Alex Madva
(Philosophy, UCLA & Philosophy , Cal Poly Pomona)



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Registration is free for University of Utah affiliates. The conference costs $20 for attendees not affiliated with the U.
Please register ASAP and before September 24 , 2017 to secure your place.
Friday night dinner is open to all registered conference participants.


Organizers: Erin Beeghly & Jules Holroyd 

Department of Philosophy

Administrative Assistant: Louise Pederson

Department of Philosophy

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