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Student Spotlights

Photo provided by Project Embrace

KUTV did a story about Humanities student Mohan Sudabattula and his non-profit, Project Embrace

Project Embrace collects durable medical equipment to give to people in need in Utah and around the world and is run by Sudabattula and two other University of Utah students. Right now, Project Embrace is getting equipment from individual donations, and even finding it in scrap yards. They also largely fund their humanitarian trips out of their own pockets. They hope to set up collection facilities around the community to get more supplies.

Read the full article here.

Philosophy Undergraduate Selected As 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awardee

Lydia Morley, an Undergraduate student in the Philosophy Department was selected as one of the 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Awardees by the Office of Undergraduate Research Opportunities. The undergraduate research students were nominated by their faculty mentors in conjunction with their colleges and schools for their commitment to developing research skills, their active participation in research-related activities on campus, and their positive contributions to their department, college, and University as a whole.

Morley was nominated by Philosophy Chair Matt Haber. “Lydia embodies precisely what we want of our undergraduates doing research,” Haber said. “She dove into the research task I assigned her and came out of it proposing an original and very creative research problem. She independently developed a strategy for effectively investigating this problem, producing two research posters along the way (which were accepted and presented at conferences). She is now turning this into a manuscript, which I’m confident will eventually get published. It’s truly a success story, and a wonderful demonstration of the sorts of skills that we look for in our most promising students.”

“Matt Haber is one of my academic heroes,” Morley exclaimed. “When I met him, I was interested in using philosophy to understand and interpret evolutionary biology and vice versa, but I didn't really know how to apply it. Luckily for me, I got to take Haber's philosophy of biology seminar, and it opened up a whole new world of inquiry for me! From there, he continued to nurture and direct my curiosities, and to facilitate some of the most rewarding undergraduate experiences I have had.”

Last Updated: 8/22/18