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PHIL 3370 - Philosophy of Biology

This course deals with major conceptual issues arising in biology, along with their philosophical implications. Topics may include such issues as evolutionary patterns and their explanation; nature-nurture debates; the meaning of 'gene'; and varieties of biological explanation.

PHIL 3375- Philosophy of Social Science

Explanation, prediction and methodology in the social and behavioral sciences; the role of values in the social and behavioral sciences; the social policy implications of the social and behavioral sciences.In Philosophy of Social Science (PHIL 3375-001), we confront the above questions and many more. Together we assess the strengths (and weaknesses) of various attempts by social scientists to explain human affairs.

PHIL 5193 - Nietzsche (PHIL 5193 is a variable topics course)

Widely known for the doctrines of the Will to Power and the Overman,  Nietzsche is among the most influential—but also the most misunderstood and misappropriated—of the nineteenth century philosophers. We will aim at developing philosophical control of his unusually lyrical and aphoristic texts. Topics will include: the genealogical method, nihilism, the revaluation of values, the Eternal Return, ressentiment, perspectivism, Nietzsche's theory of truth—and, of course, the Will to Power and the Overman. We will also consider how those themes have been taken up by later Nietzscheans such as Foucault and Nehamas.

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