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Attention Prospective Students: The University of Utah now has a new application process for incoming graduate students.
Applicants please click here to start your application. 
Application Deadline: January 15

Admission to the Graduate Program

Graduate degree applicants are expected to have an undergraduate major or strong background in philosophy. The application deadline is January 15 for admission to Fall semester of the same year. Late applications may be considered, but will not have priority for departmental funding. The admissions process is online through "Apply Yourself."

For questions about the admissions process, please email the Academic Advisor or call 801-581-8161.

For questions regarding the Philosophy Master's and Ph.D  programs please refer to the Philosophy Department Graduate Handbook.

Graduate School Application

Submit an Application for Admission to the University of Utah Graduate School and the application fee ($55 for domestic and $65 international) directly to the Graduate Admissions Office.  

Upload a copy of your unofficial transcripts from each college previously attended to the Apply Yourself Database. Official transcripts are needed only upon acceptance into the program. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0 is required. For details, visit the Graduate Admissions Office website.

Philosophy Department Application/Upload information to "Apply Yourself"

 Three Letters of recommendation.  The letters of recommendation should be written by people familiar with your academic interests and abilities, preferably faculty in philosophy. 

Writing Sample. The writing sample should be a philosophy paper that exhibits your ability to develop an extended argument, to write clear and literate prose, and to have an original and well-motivated philosophical response to one or more important philosophical texts or problems.

Written personal statement. The personal statement should describe your reasons for pursuing graduate study in philosophy, your range of interests, and other relevant information. It should, if possible, list possible specific research interests, and faculty that you may be interested in working with toward the PhD. If there is anything about your record that you’d like to explain (i.e a low grade or a missing year) this is the place to let us know.

Copies of all unofficial transcripts must be uploaded into the Apply Yourself Database. Please make sure all unofficial transcripts have the institution's name listed on the document. Also, we will need individual copies of transcripts from every school that you have attended. For example, if you attended the University of Alabama and that transcript has transfer credit listed on it from a community college. We will not accept the University of Alabama transcript as a stand in for your community college transcript. You will need to submit all transcripts.

Complete applications are reviewed and voted on by the Philosophy Department Graduate Committee, which then recommends to the Graduate Admissions Office whether to admit or deny your application. It is the Graduate School that formally admits you to graduate study upon this recommendation by the department.

Incomplete applications, either at the University level or the Department level will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with the department that all application materials were received.

Application Checklist

 Graduate School Application
 Previous Academic Transcripts - Unofficial until formally accepted. Need unofficial transcripts from every school you have attended.
 TOEFL Scores (TOEFL if applying as an international student)
 Three letters of recommendation
 Writing sample
 Written personal statement
 GRE Scores (The department will not accept any substitutions for the GRE) 

The University of Utah is fully committed to policies of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination on the basis of race, national origin, sex, age, or status as a handicapped individual in all of its programs and activities, including but not limited to student admissions and student financial assistance. The university is an equal opportunity employer. Evidence of practices that are not consistent with this policy should be reported to the Office of the President of the University, 801-581-8365.

Last Updated: 2/27/18