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Logic Certificate

Certificate of Formal Methods in Philosophy

To earn the certificate, students must complete three logic courses with a grade of B+ or better. Courses to choose from include:

PHIL 3200 – Deductive Logic

Elementary techniques of symbolic logic and their application to arguments in natural languages, truth functions, first-order quantification.

PHIL 3210 – Inductive Logic

Basic concepts of probability and statistics. Rival interpretations and applications.

PHIL 5200 – Advanced Deductive Logic

Various advanced topics in deductive logic such as proof theory and model theory, set theory, modal logic, metalogic, e.g. completeness, and computability.

PHIL 5210 – Advanced Inductive Logic

Advanced topics in probabilistic and statistical inference.

PHIL 5220 – Rational Choice Theory

Various advanced topics in formal decision theory, game theory and evolutionary game theory.

Please contact Connie Corbett, the Philosophy Department’s Academic Advisor, when all three classes have been taken and the grades recorded:


Last Updated: 5/9/22