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Medical Humanities Minor

About the Medical Humanities Minor

The Medical Humanities Minor could be of particular interest to students planning careers in health care, public administration, and medicine. This minor provides the critical thinking and decision-making skills and knowledge of ethical theory and reasoning that are vital to physicians and medical personnel.  


Minimum of 18 credits of philosophy coursework that meets the following six requirements

The Medical Humanities minor incorporates and builds upon the core courses from the Medical Humanities Block U program. These Block U courses allow students to explore traditional dichotomies and discuss specific cases and embed them in a larger question about normalcy. Students will additionally take courses from the communication and writing, philosophy and ethics, and history and literature disciplines to further explore the topics of health care and the history of medicine.



Eligible Courses

Foundation Course


Complete one of the following courses:

  • HUM 2250 - Introduction to Medical Humanities (3)
  • UGS 2255 - Block U: Medical Humanities (3) (Not offered in spring 2024)
  • LEAP 1140 - LEAP Seminar: Health Dilemmas & Decisions (3)

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Communication and Writing


Complete one of the following courses:

  • COMM 3115 - Comm Sci, Health, Envir
  • COMM 5116 - Health, Comm, Culture

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Philosophy and Ethics


Complete at least one course:

  • PHIL 3310 - Science & Society (3)
  • PHIL 3520 - Bioethics (3)

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History and Literature


Complete at least one course:

  • HIST4080 - History of Medicine (3)

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Two additional courses:

Choose two additional courses from the three categories listed above to reach 18 credit hours: communication & writing, philosophy & ethics, or history and literature. 

Special Topics Courses and Semester Specific Humanities Courses


Special topics courses:

The courses listed in red highlight special courses offered in humanities during a given semester that will count toward fulfillment of the above groupings. Please work with your advisor, Connie Corbett to ensure the courses are reflected on your degree audit. 

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