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Philosophy Minors we offer 

Applied Ethics Minor

21 credit hours

The field of applied ethics consists in the analysis of ethical issues as they arise in the management and resolution of real-world problems. Applied (or as it is sometimes called, practical) ethics promotes an ongoing "conversation" between specific cases and pressing issues... more

For more information contact Leslie Francisor Connie Corbett

Cognitive Science Minor

18 credit hours

How does the mind work? How do our thoughts tell us about the world around us, and are these thoughts accurate? These questions have been asked for thousands of years, and it is against this background that the field of cognitive science emerged... more

For more information contact Dustin Stokes or Connie Corbett

Philosophy Minor

18 credit hours

Philosophical inquiry encompasses a wide range of topics, across a wide range of disciplines, including interrelations between disciplines. Nearly every academic discipline is a historical outgrowth of philosophy: indeed, PhD stands for ....more

For more information contact Lex Newman or Connie Corbett

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