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Professor Jim Tabery and Graduate Student Lida Sarafrazarpatapeh co-author article on victims of eugenic sterilization in Utah


"Victims of eugenic sterilisation in Utah: cohort demographics and estimate of living survivors," is co-authored by James Tabery, Nicole Novak, Lida Sarafrazarpatapeh, and Aubrey Mansfield. The article was published February 2023 in The Lancet and has received the following media coverage:


·       U of U Study Recounts Horrifying History of Forced Sterilization Due to Eugenics, abc4 News

·       Utah Department of Health and Human Services Apologizes for 1925-1974 Sterilization Program, abc4 News



·       Forcible Sterilization in Utah with James Tabery on Monday’s Access Utah, Utah Public Radio 

·       Utah Is Sorting Out Its Dark Legacy from a 49-Year Program of Forced Sterilization, KUER (with radio broadcast here)

·       Disability Law Center on Utah’s History of Forcibly Sterilizing People with Disabilities, KRCL



·       Children as Young as 10 and Rape Victims Were Sterilized Utah as Late as the 1970s. Time Is Running Out to Get Justice, Insider

·       At Least 830 People Were Sterilized at State Institutions. Now One Utah Agency Is Looking for Survivors, The Salt Lake Tribune 

·       “The Shame Belongs to the State”: New Study Reveals Scale of Coerced Sterilization in Utah, Fox13 News

·       Survivors of Utah’s Eugenics Program Are Alive in 2023 Without an Apology, IFLScience

·       Forced Sterilization Survivors Are Still Alive and Deserve an Apology, Utah Researchers Say, Courthouse News

Last Updated: 3/15/23